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The Hard-Ons: Peel Me Like An Egg

Cracking stuff from music’s perkiest penis-themed band.

Coming at us like ‘Motörhead meets the Beach Boys’, it’s been over 30 years since these cartoon-capering, tie-dyed Aussie punks hit the scene, and Peel Me Like An Egg sounds even more rowdy and infectious than the Ramonesy thrust of 1986’s Girl In The Sweater, or supercharged 1990 breakthrough Where Did She Come From?.

With original drummer/vocalist Keish De Silva adding weight to the current line-up, Egg is a rollicking, piss-taking psych-punk blast that finds the Fu Manchu-ish ton-up of Burning Up On Re-entry and the metallic High On Fire gnarl of Ain’t Got No Guardian Angel bookending hare-brained ditties such as Shadow Self and Clumsy Little Oaf I Am.

We Just Ripped Off Paul McCartney and an ode to trying to squeeze pimples in awkward places show this lot haven’t matured one jot – and we thank them for that, the gloriously silly bastards./o:p

Jo Kendall

Embracing weird, wild and wonderful sounds, Prog's Associate Editor Jo's also a Classic Rock columnist, an avid tea-drinker and cupcake fancier.