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The Good The Bad And The Zugly: Anti World Music

They’ve got Norwegian wood.

Having invented death punk, it seems Turbonegro have spawned an army of Turbojugend offspring around the world. With this in mind, The Good The Bad And The Zugly may want to ask their mothers how well they’re acquainted with the fellow Olso sleaze punks, because that band’s DNA seems to be flowing through their veins.

The plot thickens with the fact that Turbonegro’s Tommy Manboy produced this spirited debut. This is no bad thing. Anti World Music is a gloriously grubby album, speeding cartoonishly towards a cliff edge, all primal beats, insistent riffs and gang yelps, the lyrics oozing drugs, STIs and the determination to live as unwholesomely as possible (and in the case of I Ain’t Got No Job, all three at once).

The result is a fabulously foolish thrill, and an indication that the future of punk rock is in good hands.