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The Glorious Sons - Young Beauties And Fools

Canadian rockers add a little glitter to their grit

Cover art for The Glorious Sons - Young Beauties And Fools

If The Gaslight Anthem had grown up loving U2 and 80s synthpop as much as they loved Bruce Springsteen, the result would sound very much like The Glorious Sons. The Canadian band have a similar knack to the former for eeking out tales from the rough edge, with portraits of wasted lives (Josie) and a character’s decent into prescription drugs, joblessness and mental instability (the incongruously perky Sawed Off Shotgun), given weight by Brett Emmons’ rasping vocal style and chest-clutching lyrics like ‘This love is a bloodbath’. But then the relentless pop drive of My Blood, the polished synths of Come Down and textbook singalong ‘Woah-oh’ chorus of Everything Is Alright set them more on a path towards the Vegas stadium rock style of The Killers than their local spit and sawdust bar. An interesting collision of grit and stardust.