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The Donnas - Spend The Night album review

2002’s shit-kicking sleepover ages averagely

“Every mother’s nightmare, every schoolboy’s dream” Spin magazine said of The Donnas, a fem-Ramones from California all calling themselves Donna, presumably to avoid tiresome questions about their singer actually being called Brett Anderson.

Spend The Night, their major-label debut in 2002, was pumped full of Runaways-chugging-Buds-with-AC/DC tunes about partying, pulling cute boys, partying harder, rejecting creepy boys, partying inadvisably hard and slagging off the girlfriends of boys they fail to pull.

It was actually their fifth album, but came along right in time to inject some much-needed ‘pussy power’ into the testosterone rock revival of The Datsuns and Jet – the sort of sweaty-kecked grunts The Donnas mocked on Dirty Denim. But, like those bands, Spend The Night is dated by its Angus-aping simplicity. And although Take It Off, Take Me To The Backseat and 5 O’Clock In The Morning undoubtedly brim with young lusts and hedonistic cheerleading, The Donnas’ lip-licking party ‘tood still sounds like a Netflix night in compared to Andrew WK.