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The Bones: Monkeys With Guns

Swedish punks go ape on album number five.

For Nordic punk’n’rollers The Bones, life is one big multicoloured cartoon, and they are the stars of their own private Wacky Races.

Their fifth album finds them barrelling full-tilt through a lip-curling, bequiffed rock’n’roll riot that worships at the altar of the Ramones on the dumb ramalama of The Hooligan Bop, and indulges in some ghoulish fun on the naggingly catchy Cemetery Sue, which transplants The Wildhearts onto the set of The Munsters.

Add a pinch of Rocket From The Crypt, a musky whiff of Motörhead and a pair of blue suede shoes, and you’re left with a fun, if generic, tribute to rock history.