The Bluefields: Pure

Southern US rock veterans join forces.

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The Bluefields are something of a Nashville supergroup. Members include Dan Baird of Georgia Satellites and Jason & The Scorchers’ Warner E Hodges, brought together via various twists of fate, and they offer a promising concoction.

It’s one that encompasses the good-time, ‘goin’ down the church-house, baby’ rock’n’roll you’d expect from such protagonists (the lick from Keep Your Hands To Yourself rears its head on multiple occasions), as well as harder rock notes and brooding sensibilities.

Some of the ‘get yer lighters out’, ‘isn’t life hard’ balladry is a little laboured – Don’t Let Me Fall, for instance, is pretty but rather U2-ish contemporary soft rock. It’s fine, but not where they shine. On the other hand it’s a joy to hear three veterans embracing their experiences because when they gel to maximum effect – as on the brilliantly bad-ass She’s So Sick – it’s ace.

Best listened to while cruising through a desert, wearing aviators… yeah.