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The Black Moods - Medicine album review

Arizona trio front-load second album

“If the seventies and the nineties had a baby, that’d be us,” says Black Moods frontman Josh Kennedy. And Medicine’s rattling-good opener Someone To Save Us has both the blues and the angst. Stronger still, Say It For The Last Time is pretty and autumnal, with a chorus hook so euphoric you can forgive its boneheaded lyric (‘Come on, come on, it’s gonna be alright’).

By the time you reach third track How Long, its thrubbing bass and harmonies teeing up another peach of a chorus, you’re halfway to declaring Medicine a triumph.

Unfortunately, after that flying start there’s nothing else quite so good here. Kennedy’s songs become darker, less anthemic, not so memorable, though he still parts the clouds with that knack for a chorus on moments like So Good.