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The Amorettes - White Hot Heat album review

Seven years' experience and hefty sonic nous come to the fore on the Scottish rockers' new album

The Amorettes White Hot Heat album cover

Long before you notice the “Produced by Luke Morley” credit, it’s clear that these three West Lothian lassies are bringing their A game. Seven years‘ experience welded to the sonic nous of the Thunderlord has taken things to a new level on their PledgeMusic-funded third album.

But this ain’t about the man at the faders – it’s all about the hellions sweating at the coal face. Second album Game On was good, but White Hot Heat is a game changer. Echoes of Getcha Rocks Off-era Def Leppard crash into no-frills rock’n’roll fury of Bon-era AC/DC and Slade-style gang vocals. Be still my beating heart.

From openers Batter Up and Let The Neighbours Call The Cops (co-written with Ricky Warwick), through the irresistibly witty Pervert Alert, White Russian Roulette and Man Meat, to the stonking finale Stealing Thunder (a riff that could stop a Tiger tank – the best I’ve heard all year), White Hot Heat is pure hook-driven overdrive. Resistance is futile.

The Amorettes release Let The Neighbours Call The Cops video

The Amorettes: Game On