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The Adicts - And It Was So! album review

Droogy East Anglian punk veterans return

Cover art for The Adicts - And It Was So! album

Forty-two years into their career, evergreen Ipswich punks The Adicts still look pretty ageless in their Clockwork Orange-inspired droog costumes. Not much has changed musically, either, as evidenced by this first album since 2012, with its 12 pubby punk-rock chantalongs.

Even when Picture The Scene departs from the template by lasting five and a half minutes, it’s five and a half minutes of a boom-thump beat and a simple riff allied to lyrics such as: ‘Picture the scene, it’s so surreal… Picture the scene, know what I mean?

Still, no one’s expecting high art, and it’ll probably still do the business in front of a spittle-flecked mosh-pit, and blunt, verging-on-self-parody tracks like Talking Shit will sound positively profound with rhymes like: ‘So out your head, you had to go to bed… Shut up, shut up you, you always tell me what to do.