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Talons – We All Know album review

Blackened UK post-rockers Talons feel the gravity of their comfort zone in We All Know

Talons We All Know album cover
We All Know

Talons - We All Know album cover

1. The Drowning
2. On Levels
3. Cradles
4. Movements On Seven
5. Long Reading Room
6. Southern Shade
7. Over And Again
8. We All Know
9. Quiet

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Distinguishing themselves from the pack with their heavily used duo of violins, Hereford’s instrumental post-rock sextet have returned with their third album. 

The Drowning makes for a strong start; the lo-fi black metal influences that made a late appearance on 2014 predecessor New Topographics have been driven to the forefront, and they’re the power source for the atmospheric consternation that gradually builds through the track. 

On Levels sustains a brazen core of downbeat doom with the anxiety-inducing reediness of the violin proving compellingly otherworldly. Elsewhere the instrument is used more conventionally. Movements On Seven is infused with Eastern influences, Long Reading Room’s solitary vastness reminiscent of the Old West, and Talons are at their best when creating soundscapes that feel hostile and alien. 

We All Know simply plays it too safe in places, leaving you hungry to see them fulfil their potential.