T&N: Slave To The Empire

Dokken but without the Don.

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Like Burton and Taylor, it appears that the estranged parties of the scandalous Dokken divorce can’t quite let go. For those that missed it, the multi-platinum band (no, really) split with the kind of acrimony reserved for celebrity couples.

Don Dokken appears to have disappeared into the ether, suffering from problems with his vocal chords, while George Lynch (who makes grown men weep with his guitar playing), Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown have reformed with a record that’s part new material and part Dokken favourites.

Pilson says not to think of this as Dokken without Don, but that’s ludicrous as five of the 12 songs are Dokken mainstays and the other seven sound just like they were written in the late 80s. Especially good is Sebastian Bach on Alone Again and Doug Pinnick on Tooth And Nail, though the band hold their own on the punchy title track and the effervescent Rhythm Of The Soul.