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Sudakistan: Caballo Negro

Sweden-based Latin psych blasts off.

These days it’s rare to encounter an album which seems to leap out of the speakers brandishing a genuinely new sound. But that’s what happens on this long-playing debut from Sudakistan; four South American garage-psych freaks who’ve settled in Stockholm and joined forces with a sky-sailing Swedish lead guitarist.

Sudakistan’s pulsating brand of mind-frying mayhem commences with the congas and manic yelps which herald the opening title track, followed by nine jaw-dropping strikes, including early Hawkwind mysterioso rampages, marauding cosmic mind-fucks, big-riffed scorchers and expansively cerebral dream sequences.

Skymning manages to mate Jimi Hendrix’s Third Stone From The Sun ambience, Suicide vocals and amped-up Latin disco, closing an album which sadly arrived too late to make 2015’s best list.