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Subscribe: This Moment Will Soon Be Gone

Post-hardcore Hungarians polish the personality off their songs

This Moment Will Soon Be Gone starts off well enough, with opener Gazing rumbling into view on dissonant guitar lines, chunky riffs and a bloke shouting his lungs out for all he’s worth. It’s a decent beginning – until the clean vocal kicks in and a depressing segue into overly clichéd territory happens.

Frankly, it’s all a bit early 2000s in tone and, while you can forgive the Hungarian sextet for wanting to cling on to a sound that did well when they began in 1999 and continues to do well today – Letlive, for example, have the harsh/clean/gang vocal mix down to perfection – Subscribe, unfortunately, miss the mark by quite a margin.

There are some good ideas here; Every Skin is a catchy number despite the trite lyrics and Turbulents throws shades of Glassjaw and the Dillinger Escape Plan into the fray, which is never a bad thing, but Subscribe never stamp a clear identity on it all, which lets them down.

This Moment… sounds great, it’s clean and polished, but sadly the songs here just aren’t up to scratch.