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Steve Boone With Tony Moss: Life On The Run With The Lovin’ Spoonful

Astonishing memoir from Summer In The City bassist, FBI informer and drug smuggler.

Even before they released their first single The Lovin’ Spoonful had given Steve Boone, hitherto destined for the life of a military brat, a vertiginous entree to the 60s rock‘n’roll roller-coaster.

Fêted and wooed by Phil Spector, joining Bob Dylan for an electric session, losing his virginity aged 21. Come summer ‘65 he and his fellow Spoonfuls are on the roof of the fabled Brill Building in Manhattan, watching their record label bosses toast the band’s sure and certain West Coast success with rounds of machine-gun fire.

Persuaded to snitch following a pot bust, Boone’s drug-fuelled adventures become even weirder after the short-lived Lovin’ Spoonful’s demise. Cue high-seas misadventures with several tons of Columbian Gold, incarceration, a climactic heroin meltdown, still-festering enmities over the Spoonful legacy and much more. Terrific stuff./o:p