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Spiders: Flash Point

A short, sharp debut from the retro Swedes.

To say retro rock is ‘having a moment’ is a serious understatement. It seems that mimicking the sounds of rock’n’roll’s heyday and donning dodgy 70s haircuts is what all the kids are doing these days. Or at least, all the Swedish kids.

With Graveyard and Witchcraft leading the pack, the latest Swedish retro rock band to hit the scene are Spiders, who were actually formed by members of the aforementioned bands. But while Graveyard and Witchcraft’s hazy take on retro rock often veers towards the hauntingly eerie, Spiders are all about bluesy, toe-tapping, 70s-sounding rock that’s gritty yet catchy.

Furthermore, the band is led by female singer Ann-Sofie Hoyles, whose raspy vocals give Spiders an edge to set them apart. Their debut is short, clocking in at under 30 minutes, but this is in keeping with their frantic, fast-paced jams.

They may be entering an over-populated genre, but with this debut, Spiders show serious potential.