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Slim Jim Phantom - A Stray Cat Struts book review

It’s cool for cats

Jim Phantom A Stray Cat Struts book cover

If you want to know any details about the Stray Cats’ albums and career, you’re better off just checking Wikipedia. Drummer Slim Jim Phantom frequently reminds you that the Stray Cats single-handedly saved rockabilly from oblivion. Apparently. But in this book, he spends more time name-checking everyone he’s ever hung out with.

It’s certainly an impressive list: Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Guns N’ Roses, the Rolling Stones, Lemmy (with whom he formed the Head Cat), Britt Ekland (to whom he was famously married) and hundreds more who are conveniently categorised into pals, true pals and tragic true pals (who are now dead).

His social skills are, as he would put it, cool. There are stories too – loads of them. But not one that you can remember afterwards.