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Sleaze Round-up: Summer 2015

Sleazegrinder on new releases from Creem Circus, Hard Action, Barbarian Fist, V8 Wankers and Rockstar Frame

Creem Circus: Rock And/Or Roll

They’re named after the two greatest rock magazines in the US circa 1982 and they’re from Fishtown, which is wherever, it doesn’t matter. What does is that they love all the same bands you do and they play Flying Vs and grow their hair real long and pretty much every song is their attempt to write a new The Boys Are Back In Town or maybe Bang A Gong./o:p

And they very nearly do, every time. If I’m gonna have to choose, I’d probably lean towards Riff Mountain, a colossal pile of overheated barroom boogie that seems like the kinda shit daredevils would get drunk to after a day of getting shot out of cannons. Or maybe the awesomely ridiculous Rock N’ Roll Decree, which sounds like the Bay City Rollers teaching Raging Slab how to blow out their hair. Or maybe Sister Transistor, which is basically Plaster Caster in a funhouse mirror. You get it, man. Good times. **(710) **/o:p

Hard Action: Sinister Vibes

Is this the birth of the New Wave of Scandinavian Action Rock? Depends on if you think Finland’s in Scandinavia or not, but otherwise yes, it fucking is. This is a total headcrusher in the glorious Hellacopters/Gluecifer/latter-day Turbonegro vein. Deeply rooted in 70s mega-fuzz and with everything – even tambourines – turned up to 11. Dyn-o-mite! (810)

Barbarian Fist: The Whorelord Cometh

From Oslo, where I think they invented barbarians in the first place, this pelt-wearing power-trio play a sort of rumbling, doomy, bruiser dope-rock with a penchant for non-consensual sex (No Brakes On The Rape Train) and fighting wild animals (Bear Destroyer). Awesome band to listen to, a complete nightmare to hang out with. (610)

V8 Wankers: Harden The Fuck Up

These long-running German speedpunks return with their upteenth full-length, but the twist is, it’s not that fast. I mean, even the song Go Fast Or Go Home isn’t all that speedy compared to their old berserker shit. Essentially this sounds pretty much like the first Rose Tattoo record. Smells like it, too. Which is fine. I mean, who was harder than those dudes? (610)

Rockstar Frame: Rock N’ Roll Mafia

So the back story for this Italian, female-fronted GN’R-esque flash metal band reads thusly: the drummer fell off a cliff and ended up in a coma. His family blasted 80s arena rock in his hospital room until he woke up. Naturally he assumes rock’n’roll brought him back, and now here we are. I’m not getting in the way of destiny, man. Have at it. (610)/o:p

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