Sleaze Round-up: October 2015

Sleazegrinder on new releases from Stereo Nasty, Deadloss Superstar, St Prostitute, Monster On Sunday and Aloha Mr. Hand

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Stereo Nasty: Nasty By Nature

I’m totally with you as far as the woeful band name/album title combo goes, but beyond that, this record will burn a hole right through your speakers and then probably go on to destroy the whole neighborhood. The band are Irish dudes that pretty much sound like F**k Like A Beast-era W.A.S.P. on day 22 of that bender Chris Holmes was on in the Decline Of Western Civilization movie. Basically, it’s all just a non-stop pummelling of barely controlled hellfire.

This album is all songs about demons and death machines and demons riding death machines powered by chunky riffs born of denim vests and hair-sweat. Records like this are why teenage heavy metal kids carve the names of their favourite bands into their arm with razor blades. It’s so intense I think I’m gonna steal a motorcycle and crash it into the side of a hospital. I know it sounds like I’m overselling this, but seriously, this is why we got into rock’n’roll in the first place. Complete delirium. (710)

Deadloss Superstar: Meathooks Of Love

I was initially confused as to where these kooks are from since they open their album with a feisty jam called Sweet Home Stockholm but don’t sound Swedish at all. Turns out they’re Scottish, of all things. Anyway, their debut album is full-tilt gonzo, like Mudhoney exploding into ribbons of bloody confetti that rain down on the crowd at a T.Rex show. Messy but effective. (610)

St Prostitute: Glorified

Danish dudes dreaming a beautiful dream from 1987. Songs about chicks and cars and parties in LA that they will never be invited to set to a pyrotechnic display of flashy guitars and arena-rocking hooks. Honestly better than anything LA Guns ever did, and these guys never even passed out in a puddle of their own puke behind the Cathouse. (710)

Monster On Sunday: Baby Eater

So this an ‘atheist’ band. Well, sure man. So is every rock band. You think, like, Steely Dan or Manowar or the Murder Junkies are going to church on Sunday? Anyway, overwrought theme aside, I dig it. Femme-fronted, post-grunge flash metal, like Alice in Chains with the chick from Princess Pang up front. A banger. I still worship Satan, though. (610)

Aloha Mr. Hand: Hipster Killer

The Fast Times At Ridgemont High reference in their name gives away the game up front. This is funky, freewheeling van rock that zips along in pleasantly stoned fashion, like Fu Manchu with bigger balls and louder engines. Perfect for getting really loaded and accidentally falling off a roof. Or whatever your thing is. (610)

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