Siriun: In Chaos We Trust

Brazilian metallers let their base instincts shine through

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You sense that Brazil’s Siriun (a name suspiciously close to a rather fine death metal band from the same nation) are aiming for something a little more cerebral than In Chaos We Trust actually is, but it’s probably more enjoyable as a result.

The band cite themselves as ‘technical’ and ‘progressive’, and if you really listen hard, you can spot it, but for the most part, this comes across like very heavy groove metal – think the last two Decapitated records after a Machine Head binge.

The restraint in the widdly-bollocks department, though, actually helps the driving groove hit home and provoke toe-taps and head-bobs. Kevin Talley (Suffocation, ex-Dying Fetus) is predictably ace on the drums, and the more subtle elements are wittier for their brevity – most prominently Alexandre Castellan’s fine, lyrical lead guitarwork, and some nicely layered guitar harmonies that colour and texture nicely.

Some of the songs are slightly disjointed, and much of the vocal use is forgettable shouting, but there’s a sense of fun that speaks of fine things once the rough edges are smoothed out./o:p