Sick Of It All - When The Smoke Clears album review

More bloody racket

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You may wonder how Sick Of It All have survived three full decades of very angry and active service without losing their potency, but When The Smoke Clears is as rampant and incensed as anything in the NYC band’s unrelenting canon.

Released to celebrate their 30th anniversary, these five new tunes arrive in tandem with a distinctly swanky coffee-table book full of nostalgic pics and memorabilia. But while the likes of Black Venom and Blood And Steel stick proudly to the SOIA formula of nuts-out and lean O.G. hardcore, the sheer ferocity the band continue to wield ensures that this EP feels fresh, vital and relevant for every second of its 11-minute duration. Here’s to 30 more years, you noisy c**ts.