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Scorpions: Acoustica

The clue’s in the title.

Jesus Christ, why? Originally released in 2001, when the idea of rock bands doing something ‘crazy’ like an unplugged show was already way past its vaguely interesting phase, to find the comically named Acoustica thrust upon us again a decade later just feels wrong.

Surely they should have buried it in a tomb and wiped all mention from their Wikipedia page by now.

Scorpions, as I recall, are a brilliant German heavy metal band. I have never seen them live and not thought them outstanding. Whoever told them they would sound good doing an acoustic show though needs to be shot.

Featuring few of their hot-rocking numbers, plumping instead for half-powered ballads like Wind Of Change and Still Loving You, augmented by finger-down-the-throat covers of Queen’s Love Of My Life, Dust In The Wind by Kansas and – god help us – Drive by The Cars, I know there must be plenty of hard men and women out there that will actually weep along to its like.

But for the more sensitive amongst us, I refer you back to World Wide Live. Now that, they should re-release.