Rideau: Rideau

Noisy Swedes make sure you’re not sitting comfortably

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There’s something inimitable about the best of Swedish music, from pop right through to death metal, and the same is true of hardcore, with this trio’s eponymous debut very much in the mould of Refused.

But while they have their countrymen’s flair for invention, Rideau’s darker mood and the rhythmic ballast of bands like The Bronx makes for a more cohesive listen. The creeping basslines and demented saxophone of Ecstasy before the rollicking express of The Bull And The Dove sets the tone and pace for what follows.

The classic lead breaks of Mayday are at odds to the post-punk fire and brimstone of Reverend Bob, with Gabriel Öberg’s fervent vocals finding a familiar groove in whatever is behind them.

But guitarist Carl- Magnus Palm is the star, with the jig of Bloodshot leading into a noisy freak out, the boisterous chug of An Act Of Revolution being dragged kicking and clawing into more aggressive territory, and on the jazz club vibes of nine-minute closer December setting up a tempestuous racket.