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Radkey – Delicious Rock Noise album review

Missouri punk upstarts Radkey take a second bite at the cherry

Radkey 'Delicious Rock Noise' album cover

It’s been just over a year since Radkey released their excellent debut, Dark Black Makeup, but to celebrate their move to Another Century label it’s already getting a re-release.

Renamed Delicious Rock Noise, it comes with two new bonus tracks that still harness the primitive b-movie aggression of Misfits and feral nihilism of British miserabilists Drenge into memorable, perfect punk slices. The Radke brothers, Dee, Isaiah and Solomon, have spoken about their love of comics and anime, so it’s fitting that they’ve put a horror-punk twist on the Teen Titans cartoon theme while their version of Marvel – an ode to superheroes first recorded in the 90s by Seattle grunge band The Lemons – is immaculately influenced by Black Flag, Minor Threat and Bad Brains. The more cynical might see this as a cash grab, but Dark Black Makeup was one of 2015’s more impressive albums that fully deserves its second moment of glory.