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Punk veterans serve judgment on mankind on Professor And The Madman's Seance

Professor And The Madman's concept album Seance features former Damned rhythm section

Professor And The Madman
(Image: © Professor And The Madman)

A coalition of South California and UK punk. Alfie Agnew and Sean Elliott are West Coast veterans, while Paul Gray and Rat Scabies played bass and drums respectively with The Damned back in 1980. 

They keep things tight and locked down here while Agnew and Elliott, on guitars, vocals and keyboards, explore a range of styles, echoing the Beach Boys, The Who and Hüsker Dü, among others. 

The concept of this album involves dual forces looking to serve judgment of mankind. This enables Agnew and Elliott to reflect honestly on the reality of their own lives as long-term musicians, as on So Long and Real Me. Man With Nothing To Lose is a plea to set the clock back, referencing The Damned back in the day. 

Finally, with New World mankind is given a second chance and a warning. An odd mix of the grandiloquent and the personal.