Prong - Zero Days album review

New York heroes expand their grimy legacy

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While some of the 80s thrash elite are slowing things down, leave it to Prong to buck all trends and keep the metal moving as fast as possible. With new recruit Art Cruz putting in a hell of a shift, pounding his drum kit into dust, the groove-laden riffs send your natural headbanging senses into overdrive.

The speedfreak crossover and aggro lyrics have long been the home of Tommy Victor, but the production on Zero Days makes it sound as fresh as the bands he’s inspired. Sure, it’s never going to be as life-affirming as The Cleansing, but there’s still that trademark New York filth lining the edges, surrounding the more radio-friendly tracks that lack the dirt we all crave.

But when Prong swing, they go for a knockout, and for every polished palate cleanser, there’s a savage hook waiting to punch your skin off.