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Portrait - Burn The World album review

Swedish masters of steel fire on all cylinders

Cover art for Portrait - Burn The World album

Portrait are back with another razor-sharp assault of late-70s/ early-80s pure heavy metal glory that lately only Scandinavians seem capable of conjuring with enough authenticity and conviction to not be dragged into the realms of cheesy revival or retro fodder. The core of Portrait’s sound comes from the dungeons of Denner and Sherman and the subject matter of their fourth full-length still remains dark, focusing on Satanism and occult themes. The King Diamond and Mercyful Fate template has been built upon, however, and the band’s own identity shines through. Portraithave progressed into a faster, harder-sounding unit, which at times reaches the intensity of pre-Painkiller Judas Priest. Burn The World’s dynamic mixture of raw power, aggression and speedy intensity marks out a new high.