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Pigs: Wronger

NY noiseniks mix a new set of explosive compounds

Taking its cue from the Beastie Boys, this album by Pigs is the sound of getting no sleep in Brooklyn.

Disjointed, discordant and mechanical, it’s the creation of three mad professors who don’t so much tear up the rulebook as set it on fire just to piss it out again.

Wronger is an exercise in making obnoxious and obtuse noise while interlacing hooks to keep the heads banging. With Unsane’s Dave Curran on guitar, this tinnitus-inducing racket is as hypnotic as it is intense. There’s an underlying stoner groove to the record, but with menacing vocals barking over the top to keep you on edge throughout.

Bet It All On Black suggests a more evil Mastodon that transcends into a dronehead’s dream, while Make Sure To Forget follows a more desert rock line – or as close as the experimentalists will tread. The bastard, fuzzy offspring of Melvins and Black Cobra that was raised in an arthouse has finally learned to talk. At times it’s proggy, at times powerful, and at times it’s pandemonium. It’s Pigs.