Peterik/Scherer: Risk Everything

Sleazy Swedes give old-school metal a kick in the ass.

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Jim Peterik got more than he bargained for while passing the door of his studio in Chicago. On its other side was Marc Scherer, cutting a vocal for his band, Arc Of Ages. Peterik introduced himself – not strictly necessary as the guy co-wrote The Eye Of The Tiger, fer Christ’s sake – and Peterik/Scherer was born.

Despite involvement in all of their hits Peterik has been out of Survivor since 1996, so it’s a joy to hear him writing music that channels the influence of that bygone era. Scherer, a gifted vocalist in his own right, doesn’t merely ape Survivor’s Dave Bickler or Jimi Jamison, nor indeed Tony Hitchcock from Pride Of Lions, though on Chance Of A Lifetime and Desperate In Love the nuances of Peterik’s writing are unmistakable.

Tellingly, the video for Cold Blooded stars Lee Ann Marie, last seen three decades ago in Survivor’s I Can’t Hold Back vid./o:p