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Pete Fij / Terry Bickers - We Are Millionaires album review

Former Creation pair lament late into the night

Cover art for Pete Fij / Terry Bickers - We Are Millionaires album

Somewhere, on the wrong side of the tracks, is a dimly lit bar that’s open until the wee hours. The ashtrays are overflowing, the whisky is sour and the conversations are punctuated by regretful sighing and disbelieving shakes of the head. This is where you go after your ship finally came in – but sadly you were at the airport. Appropriately, the music on the jukebox is this, the second album from Creation Records veterans Pete Fijalkowski(Adorable) and Terry Bickers (House Of Love).

The gentle acoustic strums and electric licks, all wrapped in lush melodies and driven by Pete Fij’s worn yet honeyed voice, both mask and enhance the ennui here. Whether it’s bereavement (Over You) or empty feelings (I Love You), the album never descends into self-pity and the pair hit the jackpot on the title track: ‘The currency that we share is this melancholy - we are millionaires.’