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Overoth - The Forgotten Tome album review

Irish death metallers scratch a seven-year itch

Cover art for Overoth - The Forgotten Tome album

Belfast’s Overoth formed over a decade ago as an old-school death metal outfit, the band playing competently but fairly straight down the line and offering few surprises. It’s been a whopping seven years since their last release, debut album Kingdom Of Shadows, and the time away has resulted in resulted in a new sound and aesthetic. The Forgotten Tome is, above all, a very ambitious album, carefully constructed and not afraid to draw from different sources in order to create as powerful a sound as possible. With a fair few injections of symphonic/keyboard elements and a large and relatively clean production, The Forgotten Tome boasts a considerable swagger, the mid-paced songs harnessing contemporary black and death metal overtones while still managing to maintain that more technical old-school death metal foundation beneath it all.