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Outlaws And Moonshine - Devil In The Moonshine album review

Southern stereotypes honour the redneck cliché

Cover art for Outlaws And Moonshine - Devil In The Moonshine album

Bridging the gap between Lynyrd Skynyrd and Black Stone Cherry – heavier than the former and lighter than the latter – Outlaws And Moonshine may hail from Indianapolis, but they throw themselves head first into the moonshine-sluggin’, gun-totin’, yee-hawin’ stereotypes of southern rock. Thankfully, they have the songwriting chops to carry it off.

Above all else, they perfectly capture the sheer merriment of the classic southern sound, and Devil In The Moonshine is a tight collection of memorable hooks, right from the rollicking, feel-good title track opener. Sure, the songwriting doesn’t half ham it up at times: Hey Y’all’sMy whole damn house smells of whiskey and gravy/My chick’s smoking Marlboros, feeding our baby’, and the random yelp of ‘Redneck!’ in Devil In The Moonshine are pretty damn ridiculous. Still, you’ll remember those lyrics when you’re belting them back at your stereo, which you certainly will be.