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Northlane: Singularity

Modern metal to bang your head to – possibly against a wall

Singularity will either be the best thing you’ve ever heard or make you want to weep as you mourn the demise of ‘true metal’. Imagine BMTH produced by The Algorithm and you begin to capture the desperately current sounds of a band that have totes cottoned onto the grooves the kids love #modern.

100,000 fans have given their Facebook page the thumbs-up and sent their album to Number 3 in the Aussie album charts. So confident is this album that they even have a ballad (probably meant to sound like a Skyharbor piece but they don’t quite pull it off).

Digs aside, Singularity is a monstrous slab of abrasive screams, far-reaching fretwork and relentless electricity that is indebted to hardcore rage and the clean, mathematic explorations that keep this album sounding fresh and inventive throughout despite its obvious references. Taking an idea or two from their native counterparts Karnivool and Dead Letter Circus by harnessing those epic U2-ish soundscapes, this is more than a bunch of lads making clamour. Singularity has the potential to be Northlane’s landmark album.