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Nomasta - House Of The Tiger King album review

West Yorkshire riff-wielders in need of more grit

It’s been a long time since the UK underground has harboured such a dazzling array of talent, and while this is obviously something to be celebrated, it does also mean any new band has a hell of a bar to vault over to really stand out from the crowd. Bearing this in mind, it’s really no surprise that the debut album from Leeds trio Nomasta screams ‘potential’ more than ‘essential’. This is a band who deal in an extremely satisfying brand of doom-laden metallic riffing, and on the rhythmical twists and turns of the brilliant Sir Impaler manage to concoct a fantastically wild noise. That quality isn’t consistent throughout, unfortunately, and the band could do with a dirtier production job to really accentuate the spite they so evidently have, but there’s loads to suggest they could slip snuggly into the top tier by their second or third album. Nomasta are ones to watch.