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Nocturnal Breed: Napalm Nights

Norway’s black/thrashers reload their bullet belts

Based in Olso and with roots in a dozen Norwegian black and death metal bands, Nocturnal Breed have regrouped after a seven-year hiatus for another assault on our collective eardrums. Expect no surprises here; Napalm Nights carries on where 2007’s very highly regarded Fields Of Rot left off.

Their stock-in-trade is that place where 80s thrash and modern black metal meet filthy old-school rock for an almighty ruck; think Immortal doing Motörhead songs in a dingy bar serving bootleg whiskey, while Aura Noir set about you with baseball bats. Opening bruiser The Devil Swept The Ruins bears all the hallmarks of Extreme Aggression-era Kreator while the title track brings to mind Coroner. Thrashiac does exactly what it says on the tin.

Look out for a guest appearance from Darkthrone’s Noctrurno Culto, who adds his roar to supplement SA Destroyer’s Abbath/Lemmy-like gravelly throat. Fans of the bullet belt and aviator shades combo will love this; or of Witchery and Desaster, if you prefer.