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No Sinner: Old Habits Die Hard

Sin-sational: unreconstructed retro-rock thrills.

No Sinner Old Habits Die Hard album cover

The transition from successful actor to respected musician is a hazardous one, as everyone from Russell Crowe to Juliette Lewis could tell you. However, Vancouver’s Colleen Rennison – who has appeared in major Hollywood flicks alongside Bruce Willis for her, erm, sins – has the chops to do it.

Both grittier and groovier than 2014 debut Boo Hoo Hoo, the follow-up allows free reign to Rennison’s paint-stripping blues rasp, honed during a decade spent playing in covers bands before Tinseltown came calling.

All Woman and One More Time sizzle with sexual intent, while her crack band’s versatility means excursions into Stonesy-shuffles (Tryin’) old-time rock’n’roll (Saturday Night) and gospel balladry (Lines On The Highway) come with an authenticity Black Crowes fans will appreciate.

There’s nothing new here, and the ghosts of Rennison’s heroes – Janis Joplin, Bessie Smith – reverberate throughout, but bands rarely put their cards on the table with such panache.

Paul Moody is a writer whose work has appeared in the Classic Rock, NME, Time Out, Uncut, Arena and the Guardian. He is the co-author of The Search for the Perfect Pub and The Rough Pub Guide.