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Nitrogods: Nitrogods

Dynamite Motörhead-inspired Germanic debut.

It might be the most obvious point here, but let’s state it anyway: this lot sound uncannily like Motörhead – but then vocalist/bassist Oimel Larcher did front German tribute band Bastards, and his authentically gnarly growl is obviously the result of many a late night whisky.

In full flight you could be listening to some long lost Lemmy-fronted outtakes, but throw in a penchant for rockabilly and blues (At Least I’m Drunk and Whiskey Wonderland featuring Nazareth’s Dan McCafferty) and Nitrogods add a much needed twist to their sound.

Otherwise, to complete the picture, a guesting ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke burns up the fretboard on the extremely ‘Head-like Wasted in Berlin, and for three minutes or so you could be back in 1980.

Ultimately, with songs and musicianship this strong it really doesn’t matter who Nitrogods sound like. Best enjoyed with an endless supply of bourbon and Coke on the rocks.