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Nico Tamburella: Mind Cage

Axe grinding to the max.

Touted as the next big thing by excitable guitar mags 20 years ago when he first emerged from Italy, Nico Tamburella’s career has been blighted by a lengthy hiatus and his struggle to find the right singer for his lyrics.

Latest candidate Jeff Adrenalin may have solved the latter problem with his Chris Cornell stylings, and the guitar mags are still keen because Tamburella’s updated orbit now includes Iron Maiden and Rammstein.

But as Yngwie and Uli can confirm, finding a commercial niche as a solo guitar pyro-technician is no easy matter. You only have to look at the smile on Joe Satriani’s face these days… Tamburella makes it harder for himself by trying to pack his blues, jazz and acoustic credentials into an already crowded agenda.

While bedsit guitarists may be impressed by his versatility, your average punter is more than likely to be bemused.