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Nick Moss Band: Time Ain't Free

Already skilled in Chicago blues-cooking, Moss tries some new menus.

For his tenth album in 15 years, Chicago singer-guitarist Moss continues his project of moving house from blues alley into a more diverse neighbourhood, where the music coming

The only trace of older-times blues here is Son House’s Death Letter, rendered as a rock-blues workout with little left of House’s melody. The rest is a stew of soul, blues-soul and blues-rock, the vocals divided between Moss and rhythm guitarist Michael Ledbetter (a descendant of Leadbelly), who brings a polished voice to the soul ballad I Want The World To Know and the Faces’ Bad ‘n’ Ruin. As always, the ensemble playing is tight, impeccably so in the funky closer (Big Mike’s) Sweet Potato Pie.

Via Blue Bella