Newtown Neurotics still want to kick the Tories out on Cognitive Dissidents

Harlow political punk perennials the Newtown Neurotics battle on against the odds with new album Cognitive Dissidents

Newtown Neurotics: Cognitive Dissidents cover art
(Image: © Cadiz)

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Steve Drewett’s voice may betray his advanced years on these Essex punk veterans’ latest set, but a potent songwriting flame still flickers on some of these agit-pop broadsides. 

“Broad” is in fact the operative word – any temptation to couch meanings in poetic metaphor is consistently swerved on Ronseal-style titles such as Climate Emergency and Hell In A Handcart.

'The architect built a socialist dream, and then the Tories underfunded it, undermined its central dream,’ sings Drewett on Take Your Dirty Hands Off My Town sounding more like a point of order at a council meeting than a song lyric. 

All the same, ebullient hooks, buzzing guitar riffs and the sheer conviction of Drewett’s delivery keep us engaged.

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