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Nekrasov - The Mirror Void album reviews

Challenging solo black metal with a dark ambient undertow

Cover art for Nekrasov - The Mirror Void album

Hailing from Australia, Nekrasov is a prolific project (20 releases in 10 years) and the work of one man, this possibly accounting for the very single-minded and intimate feel of much of the material. Opener Whatever Pleases You, Keeps You Back immediately makes this obvious with the repetition of a dissonant riff and a simple, driving drum machine beat, pushing into hypnotic territories like a slower Ildjarn. And as with the aforementioned Norwegians, Nekrasov is concerned with both black metal and ambient, the tracks here dividing neatly into two groups: industrial BM numbers (with perhaps a touch of grind) pummel the listener with minimal percussion, guitars and distorted vocals (sometimes overly distorted) while the industrial/ ambient/noise pieces obviously prove more abstract. The latter mean this won’t be of interest to all metal fans, but they’re done well and so may convert the curious to another face of extreme music.