Mournblade: Live & Loud Studio Outtakes

NWOBHM cult heroes prove they can still cut it.

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Back in the early 1980s, Mournblade were regarded as a happening band. Well, things never actually happened for them. But they’re still out there giving it their best shot.

This is basically the band recorded in a rehearsal studio. It’s rough and basic, but has enough purpose and energy to avoid becoming something of a cheap embarrassment. Songs like American Dream, Sidewinder and Off The Rails race along, with the band sounding like a dirty mix of Motörhead and The Damned.

Talking of which, there are also decent versions of Bomber and Neat Neat Neat included here. This is a good reminder of why so much was expected once of Mournblade. But it also emphasises that they are grimy, no frills rock’n’rollers.