Mountains Crave - As We Were When We Were Not album review

British black metal newcomers head straight to the heights

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Although Mountains Crave are a new name, their members have a wealth of experience in A Forest Of Stars, Old Corpse Road and Masochist among many others. Those roots stand them in excellent stead. The Leeds-based group bring an enormous sense of style to UK black metal and their debut album will surely see them mentioned alongside the likes of Winterfylleth and Fen. Ynisvitrin is an incredible start to the album with an aura that feels distinct and expansive. Vocals swing from harsh, icy tones to an opposing low chant with ease and sublime cohesion, and the deeper moments feel as natural as the screams that follow. SOFTWAREmark” gingersoftwareuiphraseguid=“d284c42f-a3a4-46cd-bfb1-c40f20c02187” id=“5cecb081-7d49-4419-bfd7-61e5bc8ffae5”>Arise O Magnificent Sun incorporates sorrowful guitars that cast melancholy shadows over the proceedings before soaring over vocalist Danny Heaton’s mournful words. Mountains Crave may be new, but their souls are old and their passion great.