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Motorpsycho are primed and eager to flip your metaphorical lid

Ancient Astronauts is an expansive, experimental live-in-the-studio masterwork from Motorpsycho

Motorpsycho: Ancient Astronaut cover art
(Image: © Stickman)

Trondheim’s Motorpsycho have been making eye-popping music since the 90s, with each album or EP more expressive than the last. 

It’s hard to convey the enormity of their mix of prog and psychedelic rock, although something like 2016’s Here Be Monsters is probably as good a place as any to start if you’re looking to have your metaphorical lid flipped. 

Ancient Astronauts is a lockdown album like no other. It was originally devised in part for a piece by the Impure Dance Company, a few songs from which became the springboard for the album. 

The album comprises only four songs, one of which clocks in at 2:14 and another at 22:22, and it’s magnificent, from full-blown fuzz-pedal rock monster to drones and shimmering interplay, highs and stupefying lows. As the PR says: “An explorative album without a whole lot of choruses.”

Philip Wilding is a novelist, journalist, scriptwriter, biographer and radio producer. As a young journalist he criss-crossed most of the United States with bands like Motley Crue, Kiss and Poison (think the Almost Famous movie but with more hairspray). More latterly, he’s sat down to chat with bands like the slightly more erudite Manic Street Preachers, Afghan Whigs, Rush and Marillion.