Moody Marsden: Real Faith (Talking Elephant)

There’s not enough venom in this snakebite.

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This set from ex-Whitesnake guitarists Micky Moody and Bernie Marsden was recorded for the German label On Air Records in 1994. Despite the Whitesnake connection, the music here lacks the libidinous swagger of Coverdale’s group. Tracks like Six Down And One To Go and Fooling With My Heart suggest the smooth, soulful blues of Robert Cray, while the horns and harmonised backing vocals on Real Faith show a gospel influence. Moody can’t match the power of his old boss’s voice, but that would be easily forgiven if the lyrics were stronger, instead of a collection of overfamiliar clichés. Ozone Friendly is the worst offender – it’s hard to believe ‘You’re the Apple of my personal computer’ even sounded good in 1994.