Monte Pittman album review – Inverted Grasp Of Balance

Prong axeman running the gamut of his talent with new album

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What should you expect from a man closely associated with both Prong and Madonna? The answer on the latest solo album from Monte Pittman is that anything is possible.

The man himself handles all guitar and vocal parts, with Billy Sheehan on bass and Richard Christy on drums, and the three lock together so organically you feel this is a trio that should have a long-term future.

There are commercial moments such as the insistent melody of Skeleton Key, while things get heavier for the speed metal groove of Arisen In Broad Daylight, and New Blood Keeps Us Alive is an epic track that allows Pittman to showcase his fluent guitar style. Neither Double Edged Sword nor California would sound out of place on latter Prong albums and there’s a dirty rock’n’roll energy throughout. But what really impresses is the balance between fiery riffage, intense melody and virtuoso musicianship that sounds as if it was recorded live in one take.