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Mirror: Mirror

Classic metal flame-keepers leave no time for reflection

Mirror is the band that its mastermind Taz Danazoglou (Satans Wrath, Diavolos, ex-Electric Wizard) has probably dreamed of forming since he was a teenager.

A valiant proto-heavy metal unit inspired by Iron Maiden, Rainbow, UFO et al, Mirror’s passion and skill shows this is a true labour of love.

Taz’s leading bass gallops of pure Steve Harris worship, combined with the powerful clarity of Jamie Gomez Arellano’s drumming, provide a forceful rhythm section, whilst Repulsion’s Matt Olivio showcases some truly heroic guitar work with lashings of twin lead mastery that regularly soars to Smith/Murray heights, combined with a swaggering, Rainbow Rising-era Blackmore groove.

This sublime mix gives vocalist Jimmy Mavromatis the appropriate platform to showcase his operatic tenor and he truly takes command of proceedings with some Dio/Dickinson dambuster vocals while still retaining his own unique tones. Mirror was undoubtedly forged from a strong chemistry and each song contains a vitality and anthemic power with not one moment wasted.