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Mike And The Melvins: Three Men And A Baby

1999-scheduled release finally sees the light of day.

This album was originally intended for much earlier times than now. Singer/bassist Mike Kunka decided to take a vacation from his own band, godheadSilo, and decided to hang out with The Melvins, then a trio fronted by Buzz Osborne.

The album was shelved for reasons no one can quite explain, but for equally obscure reasons, all concerned decided to finish the project and release it 17 years late. Fortunately, 17 years isn’t a very long time in rock these days and Three Men’s engaging mix of heaviness of duty and lightness of touch resonates timelessly.

Bummer Conversation churns and worms, A Dead Pile Of Worthless Junk is way more finely wrought than its title would suggest, while Annalisa, a cover of the PiL song, rocks way better than Lydon and co have managed in decades. A treat from the ages, for the ages.