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Massive Wagons: Full Nelson album review

Hot as English mustard fourth album from NWOCR favourites Massive Wagons

Massive Wagons - Full Nelson

Lancastrian hard rockers Massive Wagons get the chance to stage a breakout with their fourth album and debut for Earache Records, who specialise in ‘come on feel the noize’. It’s no quiet proposal, either, more a full-tilt affair with lead singer Barry Mills and co. summoning the spirits of The Who on Billy Balloon Head, Cheap Trick on the title track and Status Quo, whose Caroline is a template for Back To The Stack’s tag-team guitar assault. 

While it’s never subtle, Full Nelson isn’t dumb. The amusing ‘unfriend me and get lost message on social meeja’ China Plates hits the target, and Ballad Of Verdun Hayes (about the world’s oldest skydiver) travels to unexpected places. 

No duds and no potential classics, but the bravado and honesty of the performances indicate that these Wagons might start rolling up the bill.