Massive – Destination Somewhere album review

Adrenalin-fuelled Aussie rockers uncover contrasting fortunes

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The second album from this Melbourne crew is a real rush of sweaty rock’n’roll, melting into dirty melodies and a love for thrusting boogie.

Of course, you can hear elements of Airbourne on the pacey Blood Money Blues or the detonating Sinking Ships, but there are some nice twists here as well.

The Fall has a smokey nastiness, while Made Of Stone is a blues-wrapped anthem. Naturally, this diversity never leads too far away from the body-shaking attitude that punctuates The Way It’s Always Been, Circus or Beaten Dog. Massive aren’t attempting to do anything unusual or groundbeaking, they’re just having a good time with a vibrant sound, and expect you to feel the same way. They’re tight in a loose way, professional with a smirk of spontaneity, and vocalist Brad Marr carries a welcome sneer in his delivery. Massive have the lived-in sound of something fresh.