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Make Me A Donut: Bright Side

Djenty Swiss mentalists with some holes left to fill

If asking someone to make you a donut in Switzerland is normal then fair play, otherwise this band are totally bonkers.

And judging by the cacophony of rough djenty chugs, belchy vocals and harrowing post-metal sound effects you’ll probably opt for the latter. While MMAD’s debut album, Olson, sounded like an overgrown toddler throwing a strop to Meshuggah, this follow-up, though suffering from that overused palm-muted stammer, is more experimental.

But that’s no guarantee of a good thing. Instrumental filler I Awareness dabbles with a promisingly macabre Eastern vibe, and the fluid guitar tone is welcoming amongst the rancid jackhammering, but the unmelodious kilter of tracks like Nominatus Padre are a little hard to stomach.

Bright Side is essentially a tale of two bands – the one that attacks with brute force (including when iwrestledabearonce’s Courtney LaPlante appears on the title track) and the other that drifts off into ethereal Chimp Spanner space. Less of the former would make a big improvement to what could well be a decent next album.